The ekoloko Mall

What is the ‘ekoloko Mall’?
The ekoloko Mall is a virtual shopping center. Purchases are made here using ekoCoins. Dozens of rare and special items for your Eko and your moon house can be found here.
A branch of Massiamara’s Potion Shop can also be found here.

You can enter the mall by logging in to ekoloko, and then clicking the ekoloko Mall button that appears on the top right side of your screen. Sometimes the button looks like this: and sometimes it looks like this: . Don’t worry, it’s the same button!

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What are ekoCoins and where can I get them?
ekoCoins are the currency with which you can shop in the ekoloko Mall. You can buy ekoCoins online in the ekoloko Mall.

On occasion, you may be rewarded with ekoCoins for a special activity, or you may be given ekoCoins to help you solve a particular quest.

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How many ekoCoins do I get for a dollar?
The more ekoCoins you buy, the more you get for your dollar.

You can currently choose from 3 packages of ekoCoins:
2,400 coins for $3 (at an exchange rate of 800 coins per dollar).
4,500 coins for $5 (at an exchange rate of 900 coins per dollar).
11,000 coins for $10 (at an exchange rate of 1100 coins per dollar).

You can purchase ekoCoins in the Pioneer Shop and in the ekoloko Mall. And now – you can also pay for them through your mobile phone bill!

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How can I know how many ekoCoins I have?
On the lower left side of the ekoloko Mall screen you’ll find the “My Account” tag. Right below it you’ll be able to see how many ekoCoins you have.
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What does every button in the Mall do?
Here are the ekoloko Mall buttons – (starting at the lower left side and going clockwise):
ekoCoins – Purchase Eko Coins so you can purchase items in the different shops in the Mall.

Pioneer Shop – Here you can find the different membership packages for the ekoloko Pioneers - The Best in all Worlds.

The RareItes Shop – Here you can find rare clothes and accessories.

The Special Collections Shop – Here you can buy “Total Looks” designed by Blade.

The Moon House Shop – Buy furniture, appliances and other furnishings for your moon house.

The Storage Place – Upgrade your storage space!

Potions Store – Here you can purchase special potions mixed by Massiamara herself and make all the Ekos around you crazy with the magic spells!

Extra Rare Offers – Here you can find extremely rare RareItes. Quantities are limited and offers are for a short time only, so hurry!

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Will I be able to try on items before I buy them?
One of the coolest innovations in the ekoloko Mall is being able to try on the clothes and accessories. Click the ‘Try’ button for the item you are interested in.

Liked the item you tried on? Great! If you take a look, you’ll see that the ‘Try’ button has now changed to ‘Buy’ – click it again now to purchase the item.

Please note: Only Pioneers will be able to try on or purchase items made for Pioneers.

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Where can I find my purchased items?
The purchased items will appear in your inventory. If you do not have free space in your inventory, a pop-up will message will let you know. If you’re a Pioneer, you’ll be able to use the storage space. If not, you might need to sell or gift some of your items to make room.
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How do I protect the rare items I purchase?
The best way to protect items, particularly rare items you purchased and items you worked hard to earn through quests, is by keeping your account information personal. Do NOT share your password or make any changes to your account information because someone asked you to, or because someone offered to go into your account to help you with quests or anything else. Your account is YOURS, and your account info is also YOURS and no one else should know it.
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How do I purchase a Pioneer Membership?
Everybody knows the ekoloko Pioneers are the best in all worlds!. In order to become a Pioneer and enjoy everything ekoloko has to offer, you’ll need to purchase a Pioneer membership online.

You can find the different membership packages by clicking the link to the Pioneer Store from the Mall, from the top navigation menu, or from the Pioneers leaf in the Log-In screen.

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