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Quests, Games and Activities

Who are the residents of ekoloko and what do they do?
The ekoloko residents are part of the first delegation to arrive on ekoloko, along with some new additions, who were the original settlers. Unlike Ekos, who will come online and go offline, the residents are always there – they live on ekoloko.

The residents can give you tips about how to use ekoloko, information about themselves, and most importantly, they provide you with your quests, and reward you with prizes when you succeed.

By clicking a resident, and choosing this icon you can read a little about the background and history of this character, about their life, their friends and their hobbies.
Learning more about the residents of ekoloko will help you understand more about the ekoloko community.

The icon will show you all the quests this character has for you.

Click this icon to see what games this resident has for you. These are special games you sometimes need to play to complete quests, or sometimes for fun. Once you’ve earned a game, it will be yours to play whenever you want, but in order to reach the game, you’ll need to return to the resident who gave it to you. For more info, click here.

If you see a question mark above the head of a resident in ekoloko, this means there’s a quest or mission waiting for you. Click the resident to get your mission. Once you’ve performed the task you were given, the resident who is supposed to give you your reward will have an exclamation mark above their head. Don’t forget to click the resident and accept your reward by clicking the checkmarks. Please note, in certain (mysterious) cases, even though you successfully completed the quest, the exclamation mark may purposely not appear above the head of the resident you need to click. However, if you click the right resident anyway, you will be rewarded. Click here to get more details.

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How do I advance in ekoloko?
The best way to advance in ekoloko is to complete quests and play games. For each quest you complete and game you play, you are awarded Activity Points. Any resident in the world that has a question mark over its head has a new quest for you. Click on the characters, get the quests, complete them and then remember to come back for your rewards. In addition, check your personal menu to see how many Activity Points you need in order to level up, and earn them by playing the different games in the world.
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How do I solve quests?
Around ekoloko you will see residents with question marks above their heads. These residents are the ones who will give you your missions each time. Simply click a resident with a question mark and follow the instructions they give you to complete the quest. Sometimes you will need to collect items to bring to another resident, and sometimes you will need to achieve a certain score in a particular game. Some quests are intended just for fun, when you have some free time, but most of the quests are priority missions that will help protect ekoloko from Smog and his helpers. When you have successfully completed a quest, you will be awarded prizes and earn points – just look for the resident with the exclamation mark who is waiting to give you your rewards.
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I have no quests available, what should I do?
Quests are given to you by the residents of ekoloko. To see what quests you need to do, first check your quest button . The quests that are available to you are in the left side. There are two kinds of quests: Top Priority Missions and Fun & Games in Your Spare Time. Click each one of them to see which resident can assign them to you. In the middle section you’ll find the individual tasks that make up each quest, and you’ll see the ones that you have not yet completed. What should you do if both areas are empty? Play games and earn enough Activity Points to enable you to advance to the next level! Each time you advance, new quests will be offered to you.
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Where can I find games?
Games in ekoloko are divided into three groups: 1-on-1 games that you can play with other Ekos, street games that can be played on the world screens (Koko Hoops, Basketball, and Darts), and personal games that are given to you by the ekoloko residents and which can be reached by completing quests. Some games are open to you as early as Level 1 (with Heathcliff, for example) and some will be made available to you as you level up. Any game that you’ve already earned the right to play will remain available to you to play at any time by finding the ekoloko resident who gave you the game.
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What are 1-on-1 games?
1-on-1 games are games you can play with and against your friends. 1-on-1 games can be earned by completing quests. Each game you earn will be added to your personal menu. If you earn a 1-on-1 game, click a friend you want to play with and then click the games icon in the menu that opens . An invitation to play will appear in the left-hand corner of the screen. Wait to see if your friend accepts the invitation. If you still haven’t earned a game, you’ll need to wait for an invitation from someone else.
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What are street games and how do I play them?
There are three different kinds of street games you can play on ekoloko:

Basketball, Koko Hoops and Darts.

These games appear in various screens throughout ekoloko. To start playing one of these games, click the game in the screen (for example, click the basketball hoop in Didier’s Playground, or the dart board in Jenny’s Bar). You can play Koko Hoops anywhere you see a recycling bin. Koko Hoops is a fun way to recycle some of the items you’ve collected while walking around ekoloko, and earn Activity Points at the same time.

How to play Basketball – click the basket, quickly move your Eko to the beam of light that appears, then click the basket again, and try to click with your mouse while the the ball is within the marked square above the basket.

How to play Koko Hoops – click the recycle bin and choose the game option . Then choose the item you want to recycle, and how many. Then click the green arrow to begin playing. Quickly move your Eko to the beam of light that appears, click the recycle bin again, and then click once more when the coconut appears within the green area.

How to play Darts – click the dartboard, quickly move your Eko to the beam of light that appears, then click the dartboard again. Use your mouse to aim the circle at the center of the board, and then click again to throw the dart.

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What is the meaning of the different icons in my personal menu ?
All your personal stats are displayed in your personal menu. Read here for more details about the main options in your menu: Your level , your ekoloko Generation , your Leadership Points and your PioPoints .

Level : Indicates your current level. If you want to advance and move up in levels you’ll need to complete quests and accumulate activity points. The higher the level you reach, the more activities, items and accessories you will have available to you.

Leadership Points : Indicates the number of Leadership Points you’ve accumulated. Leadership Points can be awarded to you by your fellow Ekos for actions of friendship and leadership.

ekoloko Generation : Indicates how senior you are in ekoloko. For each day you log in to ekoloko, you get 1 seniority point. The higher your Generation, the more fun stuff that’s available to you in ekoloko.

PioPoints : Ekos who join the Pioneers receive PioPoints, which allow them to do certain things in ekoloko. PioPoints accumulate automatically as long as your Pioneer membership is active. When your membership expires, you will have a few grace days to renew it before your PioPoints disappear.

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What are Leadership Points and how do I get them?
Leadership Points are points that are awarded to you in ekoloko by your friends and other Ekos because they feel you have been helpful or contributed to the community. Every Eko over Level 2 has the ability to award and receive Leadership Points. Ekos may award one Leadership Point only every 48 hours. Pioneers are able to do so once every 24 hours. Ekos with lots of Leadership Points can use cool clothes and objects.
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What’s the meaning of the transparent Pioneer Badge icon in my personal menu?
The transparent Pioneer Badge in your personal menu indicates the number of PioPoints (Pioneer Points) you have accumulated so far. The more PioPoints you have, the more items and clothes you can get and use. PioPoints are accumulated automatically as long as your membership is active. When your membership expires, you will have a few days grace before your PioPoints disappear. Don’t worry. We will be sure to remind you the time has come to renew the membership.
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How is my generation level calculated?
The scroll icon in your personal menu shows you what generation you are in ekoloko. Your generation level indicates how senior you are in ekoloko. Higher generation levels will open up new options for you. You’ll be able to wear cooler clothes, get better accessories, and even go through secret passages. You get 1 seniority point for each day you log in to ekoloko. Every day you log in is counted, and every few days you’ll advance to the next generation and receive a new title:
ekoloko Generation Title How many days till next generation?
1 Jungle Newbie 1
2 Eko Newbie 5
3 Luna Newbie 9
4 Time Newbie 10
5 Jungle Kid 15
6 Eko Kid 15
7 Luna Kid 15
8 Time Kid 15
9 Jungle Strider 15
10 Eko Strider 15
11 Luna Strider 15
12 Time Strider 15
13 Jungle Jumper 30
14 Eko Jumper 30
15 Luna Jumper 30
16 Time Jumper 30
17 Jungle Ace 30
18 Eko Ace 30
19 Luna Ace 30
20 Time Ace 30
21 Jungle Master 30
22 Eko Master 30
23 Luna Master 30
24 Time Master 30

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What is the meaning of all the different icons in the other Eko’s menu?
When you click on another Eko, a small menu opens that will give you some information about this user, and offer you a number of actions you can perform:

In the top row, you can learn about the achievements of this Eko:

Will show you what level this user has achieved. For additional info, click here.
Shows you what level of cubs this user has cared for. For more details, click here.
Shows you what Generation this user has reached. Click here to read more.

In the center row, you’ll find some of the different actions you can take on this user:

This icon is available only to Advanced Rangers and Senior Rangers, and allows them to turn off the chat of an Eko who is abusing their chat privileges. This user will not be able to chat for half an hour.
Using this icon, you can award a Leadership Point to a user you think has been particularly friendly or helpful to the community. You can see how many points the user already has, and then using the arrows, add a point. You are only able to award Leadership Points from Level 2 and up, and only once every 48 hours (Pioneers can award points every 24 hours).
Using the whistle icon, you can report users you’ve seen breaking the Rules of Conduct. Click here to read more.

In the bottom row, you’ll find icons representing other things you can do with this Eko:

Using this icon you can transport yourself to the Eko’s moon house, provided it isn’t locked. Click here to read more.
Click here to go to the trading zone and start a trade with this user. For more details, click here.
Use this icon to invite this Eko to a 1-on-1 game. Click here to read more.
Using this icon you can send private messages to this Eko from a menu of pre-written texts. It is not possible to write your own messages. For more information, click here.

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What is storage used for?
Your storage space is accessible from a tab on the right side of your inventory, on your personal menu .You can use this area to store items you don’t use often, so that you can make room for new items you may receive, earn or purchase. To move an item to your storage, click the tab to open the storage space, and then click the item you want to move there. The item will automatically move to storage. To retrieve the item later on and return it to your inventory, simply open your storage space and click the item again.

Stored items cannot be worn, traded, sold or gifted.

Please note: this feature is restricted to Pioneers only. If your Pioneer membership should end while you have items in storage, you’ll be able to remove the items from storage at any time, but you won’t be able to put anything in storage.

You can get additional storage space as needed in the ekoloko Mall.

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What is a Community Event, and how can I participate?
A community event is a quest in which the entire ekolokian community participates towards a common goal. To complete this quest it is essential that every Eko in the community helps out. Community events take place regularly in ekoloko, and each one lasts about two weeks. At the end of each successful community event, unique prizes are awarded to the Ekos who participated. When a community event is in progress, a button with a diamond icon will appear on the top right-hand side of the screen. Click it and you will immediately be able to take part in the event. Community events are open to all Ekos, at every level, Pioneers and non-Pioneers.
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Items, Clothes & Stores

How do I buy things in stores?
You can find lots of stores throughout ekoloko: In the Jungle, in the Eko Eko Desert, on Ekoluna and in the future in other places. In order to buy and sell items in stores, you first need to earn Kokos (ekoloko money) by completing quests and playing games; then find a store or screen that features a glowing item or a sign with money on it and click it. (For example, a pile of clothes, a hairdresser's chair, a counter, or even a street sign). Once you've clicked the glowing item, an easy-to-use Buy/Sell menu will open.
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Some of the items have words, symbols or numbers near them. What do they mean?
Some of the clothes and accessories on ekoloko are restricted to certain Levels , or Generations , may be restricted to Pioneers only and/or require a minimum number of Leadership or PioPoints . Some items are also meant either for boys or girls. When shopping at one of the stores, pay attention to the icons to see which items you can get.
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Why can’t I wear an item that I have in my inventory?
If you received an item of clothing and can’t wear it, it means you haven’t yet reached the minimum requirements needed to use this item. It will remain disabled in your inventory until you’ve achieved the necessary requirements. Keep playing – you’ll get there.
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I've noticed kids giving gifts on ekoloko. How do I do that?
To give gifts on ekoloko open your personal items menu, pick an item of any kind (clothing, accessory, or recyclable) and click on it while holding the CTRL key down on your keyboard. This will open an easy-to-use gift menu for you. Select the items you want to give as gifts, confirm your choice and then your gift will be dropped into the world. If you want to be sure a particular Eko gets your gift, make sure to drop the gift in a screen that isn’t crowded.
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What is the Trade Zone?
Generosity and cooperation are important values on ekoloko. The best way to give or trade an item with a friend is through the Trade Zone. You may invite a friend to the Trade Zone by clicking their character, and then clicking the button. If your friend is interested in trading, he or she will accept the invitation and you will both enter the trading zone. Here you can click on the items you are willing to give and check out what your friend is willing to give in exchange. Remember! Approve the trade only if you are happy with what you are getting in exchange. The trade will be performed only if both parties click the Approve button . Once you've clicked this button, you will not be able to add or take items out of the trading zone. After the first approval you will be asked to confirm the deal. Take a good look at the trading area. If you are happy with the trade, click the Approve button again. If you are not happy, cancel the deal and find another Eko to trade with.
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I have an item which I can't trade or give away. Why is that?
Some of the items in ekoloko, and especially the rarer ones, are personal and non-tradable.
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What is the meaning of the little clock stamp on some of the items in ekoloko?
Some items in ekoloko have a Time Stamp on them. This means you only get to keep them for a limited amount of time. The clock on the Time Stamp counts back, indicating how much time is left for you to use the item. When the time is up, the item will disappear from your inventory.
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What are ‘RareItes’ and how can I get them?
‘RareItes’ are rare items that were given out at special times in the past, like at community events or holiday quests, and which are no longer available. The only way to get these items is by trading them with other Ekos who have them.

There are also some really cool ‘RareItes’ available for purchase in the ekoloko Mall.

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What are Potions and how can I buy and use them?
On ekoloko you can find very special potions, all of which were whipped up by our own Massiamara. The potions enable you to perform all kinds of crazy cool actions (like turning into a frog, floating in the air, growing big, and so much more), on both your own Eko and on others.

You can buy potions in the Potion Shop by Massiamara, or in the ekoloko Mall, under the “Potions” tab. Each potion you buy is good for a limited number of uses, which is indicated near the potion, so pay attention when you buy it.

In order to use potions you have purchased, click the icon on the bottom left-side of your chat bar, choose the Potions tab, and click the potion you want to use.

Potions that look like this can only be used on your own Eko. Potions that look like this can be used on yourself or on other Ekos. Simply choose the potion and then click the Eko you want to transform.

You can choose not to allow other users to put you under the spell of a potion, by unclicking the option that appears on the potions menu.

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I see Ekos walking around with space helmets. How can I get one?
Space helmets are not available for sale in any shop. You can win one by completing the Gas Pressure Quest (Pioneers only) or by completing series of quests offered at Level 15.
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ekoloko Rangers

Who are the ekoloko Rangers?
ekoloko Rangers are users that meet the Ranger criteria and have taken a pledge to help new kids in ekoloko and make sure that the Rules of Conduct are observed. You can identify most of them by the halo above their heads (some Rangers remove the halo). To become a Ranger you must be a Pioneer and have reached Level 8 or higher, and you must demonstrate a willingness to help newcomers. All Pioneers can apply through the help icon on the top-right hand side of the screen. If you meet the criteria, you will be invited to a Rangers training meeting.
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How can I become a Green Ranger?
Users reaching Level 6 will receive a quest message inviting them to become Green Rangers. If you want to become a Green Ranger you need to have or done the following:

  • Have a Pioneer membership
  • Reached Level 8
  • You weren’t banned even once in the last 30 days you played on ekoloko
  • Accumulated 10 PioPoints
  • Be Generation 6
Then you need to submit a request on the site (look for the link in the Help menu); once you are accepted as a candidate, a special Green Ranger quest will open. You will need to successfully complete this quest to achieve your Green Ranger status and get your Green Ranger badge.
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How can I become an Advanced Ranger?
Users who want to be more involved in the community, help other users and have special features available only to them can apply to become Advanced Rangers.


  • Need to be a Pioneer when you apply (however if your membership ends you can continue to be a Ranger)
  • You weren’t banned even once in the last 60 days
  • Reached Level 12
  • Accumulated 100 PioPoints
  • Generation 10
  • At least 2 months have gone by since becoming a Green Ranger
What you need to do:
  • Send in a request (via Help link)
  • You will receive an e-mail with instructions for sending a fax signed by your parents
  • Once we receive your fax, we will check your chat records: the purpose is to distinguish between ‘GOOD’ users and ‘NOT BAD’ users. ‘GOOD’ users not only play safely and talk appropriately, they also HELP other users and are a positive influence in the community. ‘NOT BAD’ users talk appropriately but don’t help other users and aren’t as active.
The benefits of being an Advanced Ranger:
  • Halo – this will show everyone you are a Ranger
  • You will always remain a Ranger even if your Pioneer membership expires or is cancelled
  • You will be able to send messages reminding users to behave appropriately to the entire community
  • You will have access to a special Forum just for Advanced Rangers where you can interact and communicate with the other Rangers and with the community Managers
  • You will have access to a special Rangers game – a special room where Rangers can meet separately from the rest of the community with games that are only for them

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How can I become a Senior Ranger?
Advanced Rangers who performed well may be selected to become Senior Rangers and get additional privileges. This selection is done by our community Managers, and every couple of months a special link from the Help Menu will offer this option. Suitable candidates who click this link will be able to submit their request and be considered for Senior Ranger status.


  • Must have a valid Pioneer membership (if your membership expires or is cancelled after becoming a Senior Ranger, you will be moved back to Advanced Ranger status)
  • You weren’t banned even once in the last 60 days
  • Reached Level 16
  • Generation 13
  • Accumulated 100 PioPoints
  • At least 2 months have gone by since becoming an Advanced Ranger
The benefits of being a Senior Ranger:
  • Senior Rangers have special chat bubbles with yellow backgrounds and red text, to distinguish their texts from the other users
  • You will be able to send large messages to the entire community and organize games
  • You will have access to a special Forum just for Senior Rangers where you can interact and communicate with the other Rangers and with the community Managers
  • The ability to mute chatters who are behaving inappropriately for 30 minutes

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Do I need to be a Pioneer to become a Ranger?
Only Pioneers can request to become Rangers, but Advanced Rangers whose Pioneer membership has ended, will be allowed to continue being Rangers. Green Rangers will be able to complete the quest missions and become Green Rangers, but if they are not Pioneers when they get their badge, they will not be able to wear it. Senior Rangers will be moved back to Advanced Ranger status if their membership ends. If they renew their Pioneer membership, they will automatically be reinstated as a Senior Ranger.
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